Sunday, June 30, 2013

Zip Line

Hello Ya'll,

I'm happy and excited to announce that I've been able to cross off another item on my bucket list...ZIP LINING!  Yayyyyy!! 

It was so awesome! If this is something you would be interested in doing I highly recommend it.  It's nothing to be afraid or nervous about.  In my opinion it is a very low risk adventure.  On Saturday May 11th 2013 we made the one hour drive to Skull Canyon located in Corona about 47 miles away from Los Angeles.  Two wonderful coworkers joined me on this adventure Patty & Azeron. 

I want thank Azeron for making all the arrangements.  He scheduled our appointment for 11:00 am.  We met up at our job site at 7:30 am grabbed some breakfast and then off we were to Corona.  Once we arrived we signed some paperwork and then we put on our head gear.  I was glad to see that we were a small group of five the three of us and a young couple.  They drove us up the canyon and then we took a small 10 minute hike up to the starting point.  We go down the zip line one at a time down 7 lines.  Like I said before it’s nothing to be afraid of its all fun.  The three of us all enjoyed zip lining down all the lines.  It took about an hour and a half to do the 7 lines.  For an additional
$20.00 we were able to zip line down a long line with a partner side by side.   Patty and I went down side by side.  In total we spent $100.00

If there was any down side to all of this it was the weather.  It was a little too hot and not a lot of shade a side from that we all enjoyed the experience.  Also, the staff was super nice and friendly. 

Patty, Azeron and Me!

Thank you for reading.
Alcatrazes De Color 

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