Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chocolate Factory

Hey Ya’ll,

I’m happy and excited to announce that I’ve been able to cross off another item from my bucket list.  CHOCOLATE FACTORY...Yay!! 

However, I’ve been lazy this year.  I started the year with the intention that I was going to cross off as many items as possible. At the beginning of the year I created charts, lists, and calendars of how I would get it all done but then somehow I let life get in the way, especially laziness.  With that said, I went to this chocolate factory last year (2012) in November.  I just hadn’t made time to write the post, but all that stops today! From now on I’m on it!!  You’ll be hearing from me more often. 

So let’s begin.  It's Thanksgiving and my friend Rosy from Mexico was in Los Angeles on vacation, and my family invited her for Thanksgiving dinner.  She brought her boyfriend with her, who we met for the first time.  After dinner we sat around talking and catching up.  I don’t recall who said it first but I think it was my brother in law.  He said, since we have these next couple of days off why we don’t go to Las Vegas?  We were all like yeaaaaaa!! So the next morning my friend Rosy, her boyfriend, my sister, her husband, and my god daughter made the 4 hour drive to Las Vegas.  While checking in at the hotel I start browsing through all the brochure fliers in the lobby.  That’s when I see it, a brochure to the Ethal M. Chocolate factory in Henderson!!!  Henderson is a neighboring city to Las Vegas.  It’s so close that you’ll think its Vegas.  I thought to my self this is my opportunity to go to a chocolate factory. Woo Hoo!  In Los Angeles there aren’t many chocolate factories.  I had attempted to contact one in Los Angeles twice with no success, plus they charge for the tour.  Back at the hotel lobby I’m going through the flier and I like what I’m reading.  It’s a free self guided tour with a cactus garden.  I talk about it with my family and they’re all in.  This made me super happy!  We decide to go on Sunday right before we head back to Los Angeles. 

We arrive early.  Actually we’re the first ones there.  It’s open but as we walk in it’s empty.  There are no workers on the line.  Makes me wonder if they're close for tours or are we too early.  It’s a long corridor and when we were reaching the end that’s when we saw them! The workers on the line.  Phew! There is a window that divides, so you can't to them.  We stood there for a while watching and taking pictures.  At the end of the corridor you get a chance to pick out a free chocolate.  I don’t remember what I picked. L After that you step in to store.  We browsed for a while.  I bought some chocolates with peanut butter. OMG!!! To die foooor!!! Soooo goooood.  No complaints about the chocolate.  I don’t know if it’s because they are made with no preservatives, but they were soooo delicious.  Is it a little pricey? Kind of, but totally worth it.  I also purchased a tote bag, which I still have.  Once out of the store we toured the cactus garden.  They have tons of different cactus's.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m Mexican and we love to eat cactus, but the garden was super cool.  We took some pictures and left.

All in all I’m happy with the experience.  It was free so you can’t beat that and as a bonus they had a lovely garden.  The chocolates are superb.  I would’ve liked to see more action on the chocolate line but you can’t win them all.  If you're in the Las Vegas area I highly recommend stopping by and checking out the chocolates and the garden. 

Thank you for reading,

Sad face because at first I didn't see any workers on the chocolate line.  Were we too early?

We found them! Working the chocolate line.

My family.

The workers! Look at them go!!

Receiving my free chocolate. Yummm!

Browsing through the store.
I found this cute Mexican utensil to make hot chocolate.

The chocolates!
Outside in the cactus garden they had a kiosk.